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STEP 1 - Contact AEGIS The first step is deciding to work with a franchise consultant at AEGIS Franchise Group. When you do, it will be in the strictest of confidence. All information you provide AEGIS will be used solely to enable us to select the best franchise opportunities for you and shared with no one.

STEP 2 - Interview We interview you and provide a candidate application for you to complete. This information will assist us in determining what kind of businesses meet your needs and qualifications. We will be discussing your lifestyle, business and financial goals to identify the franchises that best meet your unique personal and professional based on your qualifications.

STEP 3 - Research After the interview, your consultant will spend a few days screening and researching franchises to determine the best franchises or business opportunities for you to consider. We usually select 3-5 franchises that we believe will be a potential match for you.

STEP 4 - Presentation Your consultant will put together a presentation for you based on the franchises selected that meet your needs and qualifications. Then a meeting time is established to present the franchises to you. If any opportunities are of interest to you, we will provide a direct introduction to the franchisor and their team. We will share the information you provided during the original interview with the Franchisor. There may be additional information required prior to actual meeting with them.

If you are not interested in any of the franchises presented to you during your meeting with your AEGIS Consultant, we will fine tune your needs and qualifications and start the process over again. This refining of the parameters will go on until we find the franchise that works best for you.

STEP 5 - Introduction to Franchisor We will provide an introduction to each Franchisor you have indicated an interest in. The Franchisor will send you materials to become acquainted with their business concept and method of operations. They will also provide you with their FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document).

STEP 6 - Review FDD Franchise Disclosure Document FDD's are very detailed and full of legalese which your AEGIS Franchise Consultant will help you understand. During this review you will be encouraged to make a list of questions that you would like answered by existing franchisees and the Franchisor.

STEP 7 - Call Existing Franchises The FDD should list some existing franchises. In addition the Franchisor will provide a list of franchises with contact information for you to interview. The Franchisor's intent is for you to call franchisees and see what their experience with the franchisor has been. They want you on board and know the way to do this is to be totally transparent. You'll be able to use questions that you wrote down while reviewing the FDD with your AEGIS Franchise Consultant.

STEP 8 - Consultation with Attorney and Accountant

The FDD is full of legalize and usually favors the Franchisor so it is always a good idea to have an attorney review it so you fully understand both your obligations and the franchisors. FDD can not be changed because of the expense involved but riders can be developed, signed and attached as part of the franchise agreement. It is always good to have your accountant review the numbers to make sure that the franchise makes sense for you from an investment point of view. The main thing to remember during this process is that the Franchisee and the Franchisor are on the same team with common goals. Your attorney and accountant are on your team and may see all others as the apposing team.

STEP 9 - Attend a Discovery Day

Most Franchisors have a Discovery Day, where they will invite you to their locations. You will get a more formal presentation about the franchise and details about how the Franchisor operates. You should also meet their key people that will be training you and be providing your continuing support.

STEP 10 - Decision Time

At this point you have taken all of the steps to the door, and now must open it.


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