AEGIS Business Buyer Services


Have a business you want to buy that's not listed by AEGIS Business Brokers, LLC ?

You might want to contact AEGIS Business Advisors for an initial consultation that would provide an overview of the process and business you are considering. There is no charge or obligation related to this consultation.

If you choose to move forward, we can help provide the facts you need to make an informed decision. We also identify unknowns and possible challenges along with ways to approach them.

AEGIS Business Advisors can assist you with:

  • Valuation of Business
  • Industry Information
  • Industry Trends
  • Industry Financial Averages
  • Analyzing Business Strengths (SWOT)
  • Analyzing Business
  • Developing Business Plan
  • Preparing Offer
  • Commercial Lender
  • Seller Financing Options
  • Due Diligence
  • Preparing APA (Asset Purchase Agreement)
  • Escrow-Closing Attorney
  • Employee Transition

Buying a Business Privately


If you are considering buying a business from a private party, you might want to consider engaging AEGIS Business Advisors for all of the above and any other areas of concern.

Our fee is based on a small non-refundable retainer combined with an hourly fee initially charge against retainer. There will also be a modest success fee when the purchase is completed.


Buying a Business Through a Broker


If you are buying a business through a Business Broker, you will benefit by engaging our services to make sure you are properly represented. Business Brokers often work for the Seller or are sometimes most focused on their commission. The exception would be if they are are Accredited Business Intermediaries (ABI) committed to the transaction and equally fair treatment of the Buyer and Seller, which is how the majority of transactions are process by AEGIS.

Our fee can sometimes be covered under a co-broker agreement between AEGIS Business Advisors and the listing Business Broker. In this case, the listing broker would pay our fee and there will be no charge to you.

If the listing broker is not agreeable to a co-broker agreement, then our fee would work similar to the private party scenario.


Buying a Business Not for Sale


If you are interested in purchasing a specific business, we know how to approach the Business Owner confidentially and start the process. AEGIS has a good track record with this approach to aquiring businesses.

If you are interested in a specific industry and geographic area, we can develop a profile for the business you are seeking. That profile will allow us to search our sources and approach companies that meet your criteria.

In this scenario, our fee would be determined based on project. The fees would be on an hourly not to exceed basis combined with a small success fee. A portion of this fee may be paid by the Seller.


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